Friday, October 14, 2011

Play time with Friends!

Claire had her first real sleep over. Kai stayed the night and they woke up at 5am to start a new day together. When the sun came up they had game time in the play house. Chutes and Ladders!

Libby and Claire at Bergfeld Park!

Dress up with Delaney!

Daddy and Me!

Pirate Faces!

Pumpkin Time!

Fall is here and our little artist is at it again. Claire loves to paint and glitter her pumpkins. She is quite the artist, must get that from Cody and Gammy! Claire is constantly painting, drawing and coloring.

August 23, 2011 Claire's First Day at Good Sheppard School!

Claire began 4K at Good Sheppard, she was sad to leave Stepping Stone and all her friends of 2 years but excited to start a new big girl school. Libby and Kai attend GS, familiar faces has made it an easy transition. The first day of school Claire was concerned about her new uniform and the second day said "that outfit again Mommy?" Claire loves her new school and all her new friends. Mrs. Morgan is her teacher and Claire is learning so much. She has already learned countless bible verses and songs, the lord’s prayer, the pledge of allegiance, writes and sounds out all her letters, counts to 50 without missing a beat and writes her name. Seems like Claire grew up over night, mommy and daddy are so proud!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Claire!

Claire turned four on Thursday, July 7.  Her class at Stepping Stone celebrated with cupcakes that day.  On Saturday, July 9 Claire had her big birthday Bash!  She had an 18ft water slide in the back yard for all to enjoy, along with bubbles, sidwalk chalk, water guns, pizza, ice cream and cake. Lots of fun had by all.  Our little girl is growing up fast!